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Chris Farley Painting: Holy Schnikes!

I was recently commissioned to paint Chris Farley in my colorful abstract style after having painted him on wood for another project.

This painting is a nice large size, 36x36", perfect for Chris' big personality.

I love painting in this style. Generally I have no idea how paintings like this will turn out. I bounce colors and shapes off one another and the result is usually pretty wild and fun. I like to follow the shadows and curves of the face. This style of painting is actually quite relaxing for me and I try to never overthink it. Selecting colors for each shape is probably the most challenging part.

My client is ecstatic with the painting and nothing could make me happier.

Derick & his new painting

Chris Farley in Tommy Boy

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas (36x36" gallery wrapped, deep frame)

Title: Holy Schnikes



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