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About the Artist

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Zamarama Gallery
Everett, Wa
Aug-Sept 2024



Thanks for supporting art!

For starters, I'm a lifetime resident of historic Snohomish, Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I'm very fortunate to live in such a great community that has supported me in my journey of creating art.

I create from a myriad of mediums but painting is my one true love. I prefer acrylics on both canvas and wood. My work ranges from oversized to miniature. I've no formal training but over the past decade I have developed my own bold painting style and techniques. I've also recently taken up digital art and am wondering, what took me so long?!

As for my personal life, I live in a 122-year old farmhouse (a literal moonshine house during prohibition) in historic Snohomish, Washington. It's myself, my husband of 20+-years, Ted, and our senior rescue dog, Scooter McGavin (RIP in 2024!). I also have a wonderful 27-year old stepson, Nate, who I am very proud to call son.

Besides creating, I enjoy traveling, live music, gardening, animals, friends and nature. 

Life is good. Art is good. 

Creating art brings me great joy. I hope that joy carries on to you, through it.   

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