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Abstract Mike Tyson Painting

My dad was a boxing fan and as a kid I watched a lot of fights with him. It started with Muhammed Ali but he also loved Ray Boom-Boom Mancini, Marvin Haggler, Sugar Ray Leonard, to name a few.

It was a MASSIVE event whenever Tyson was fighting. Everyone would go hang out at someone's place, chip in for the PPV and enjoy. The excitement before the fight was nearly as good as the fight itself.

I had the fortune of meeting him in 2003. It was a positive encounter and I'll always be a fan. I've been wanting to paint him for awhile and finally committed after hearing he was fighting Roy Jones Jr. this year.

This painting is large at 30x40". It's acrylic on a gallery wrapped, deep profile (1.5") canvas. As I write this it is available for purchase in my online shop.


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