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Amy Winehouse Painting: Black Butterfly

My most recent painting is yet another Amy Winehouse painting, but this time the piece is quite large at 4-feet tall.

I named the painting "Black Butterfly", after a tribute song written by Amy's goddaughter, Dionne Bromfield. Dionne wrote the song after a butterfly appeared at Amy's memorial service.

Dionne describes the butterfly: "There was a black butterfly that flew in at Amy’s funeral and it landed on Kelly Osbourne’s shoulder. It stayed there for the whole service then flew away. The song is probably the best I’ve ever written and I was crying when I recorded it."

This particular Amy Winehouse painting features Amy with colorful butterflies fluttering around her famous beehive. Amy also holds a caterpillar that has not yet turned into a butterfly. If you look closely you'll see a pack menthol Camels tucked into her sky-high hairdo.

It's spring now and I am inspired. I used pastel colors along with black and white in this painting and it definitely has a "spring" vibe with the colors, the butterflies and the flowers.

Amy Winehouse "Black Butterfly" is painted in acrylics and is 24" wide by 48" tall. It is painted on a gallery wrapped, deep profile canvas and has a satin varnish finish. See my online store to purchase this unique painting or contact me with any questions you might have.

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