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Divine + Trump Painting on Wood

I always loved this photoshopped pic of Divine and the Trumps. Even though it's fake the look on Divine's face perfectly expresses what many of us feel. I like the humor in it, too.

Divine, real name Harris Glenn Milstead, would have been 75 next week.

(b. October 19, 1945 )

This painting is acrylic on a Select Pine wood panel, all handmade. I make all my wood pieces. This one is about 14"x7". Hanging hardware has been attached and I finished it with 3 coats of high gloss Liquitex varnish. It has a gorgeous glass-like finish. (Photo was taken pre-varnishing to avoid glare).

At the time of this writing it's available in my online store.

Divine and Donald Trump Painting
Divine's Evil Eye


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