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Easy, FREE Cow Painting Tutorial VIDEO: Loose & Fun!

Loose cow painting on wood panel
Easy peasy cow painting - just follow my tutorial!

Hey everyone! I made a simple, easy to follow cow painting tutorial using a wood panel as a canvas and acrylic paint. I used only a few colors and I kept this painting very loose. Very easy for beginners, fun for more advanced artists as well.

If you'd like to try this easy painting project grab your acrylic paints and join me for this fun cow painting tutorial video.

First thing you need to do is sketch out your cow on the wood panel, or canvas if you prefer. Here is a basic outline you can use. I am also including an image with a GRID in case that is the method you use. (Google "art grid method" if you aren't familiar with the process, I'll make a YouTube video about gridding soon.)

Right Click + Save image

cow outline sketch
Cow outline with grid: If you'd like to use then Right Click + Save image

Now that you have your cow sketched onto your wood panel, let's get to work painting! Watch my free instructional video to paint along with me. This is not only a cow painting tutorial, this is also a lesson in painting LOOSE. Relax, enjoy and let's do this!

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Thank you!

Easy, fun cow painting!


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