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Art Supply Review: Michael's Gramercy Cart $50

I recently purchased Michael's $50 Gramercy Cart, which I hoped would help to solve my organizational problems with my many paints, brushes and other art supplies. The Gramercy Cart was $50, and they had another, smaller one with less features, available for $30. I liked it as well, but I chose the $50 one because it simply had more features.

What I like about this cart is it not only stores a ton of art supplies, it can also serve as a tabletop to hold my paint/water and palette while I work. This Gramercy Cart is available in assorted colors and I chose the gorgeous turquoise that has that cool retro vibe.

Michael's $50 Gramercy Cart is easy to assemble, it is sturdy and roomy. It's easy to move/roll and I feel that overall it is a very good value. It is something that I will use on a daily basis, and to me, it was worth every cent.

If you are thinking of buying Michael's $50 Gramercy Cart I recommend you watch my video for my full product review.

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