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Anniversary of Chris Cornell's Death (Artwork)

Today marks the one year anniversary of Chris Cornell's death. Can you believe it has been a YEAR?!

Anyone who follows my artwork knows Chris is a huge inspiration in my life and I have painted him numerous times since his tragic death. This time is a bit different. Instead of bright colors, I only used black and white, and I started on a black gessoed canvas. I am still learning to paint really, and I am venturing into new territory.

In this painting of Chris Cornell I wanted to reflect on his life as a musician. I wanted to show the "seasons" of his life.

This painting is meant to be read in a clockwise manner...

From a young, shirtless Chris, to Rusty Cage "Badmotorfinger" Chris, to Post Soundgarden/Audioslave Chris. And finally, Chris at 50, looking back on his life.

I tried to think of the perfect Chris Cornell lyrics to accompany this painting and after weeks of contemplating I finally just picked one single line. Only one really mattered. From Temple of the Dog's, "Say Hello to Heaven", I chose the following lyric:

"There's just one thing left to be said.."

This painting is quite large, measuring 3-feet wide by 4-feet tall. It is a gallery wrapped canvas with a deep profile (1-1/2").

This Chris Cornell collage is available for acquisition.

And yes, without a doubt, this will be my last Chris painting for awhile...I promise this time.

(In these photos it is shown PRE varnish as to avoid reflections from the gloss sheen.)

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