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More Skateboard Art by Carrie Milburn

So here's my second custom skateboard deck, this time I painted The Banana Splits. If you're old like me you'll remember these crazy 70s TV characters.

I kept the same psychedelic vibe of my last skate deck, making it visually stimulating with lots of color and energy.

I sketched out the characters and the text but when I started I didn't have much of a plan when it came to color and design. (I kind of like to work like that.) I took the yellow/orange swirly part from the set of The Banana Splits Show and since that had such crazy lines I kept the lower half relatively simple by opting for contrasting color and clean lines.

I hope you enjoy this skateboard art custom painting as much as I enjoyed painting it. I still have two blank boards to paint so stay tuned for more skate deck fun.

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