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WIX Upgrade Premium Review: Cost, Ease of Use

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This is now my third year using WIX as a platform to build/design my website. I have a WIX Premium (upgrade) account that includes an e-commerce store. WIX is getting better all the time and now it's better than ever!

As of 2019 I pay approximately $210 annually for my WIX Premium upgrade website. I think my first year was $100, then it went up to $200 a year after. So if you're just signing up, hopefully Wix has a similar discount for your first year.

Is having a WIX Premium website worth it? YES!

I sell numerous artworks via my e-commerce store every year and the income my website generates is reason enough to have a Wix premium/upgraded site. But not only do I have an online store that is easy to customize, I have a blog, a video page, an About Me page, a contact page and more. My clients can find my contact info easily, they can browse my past works, find my social media links, read my art blog posts or even shop my store. Having an e-commerce store is so convenient! No paying high seller fees like you must on Etsy. You set all the rules and customize your storefront as you wish.

There are so many awesome little perks to having an upgraded WIX website that I can't possibly name them all, but I will say that whether you have limited or tons of website building skills you are going to love WIX. I spent YEARS on a Wordpress site that gave me nothing but problems and cost me a lot of money. WIX takes the hard work out of website building and gives you a gazillion options in the meantime. The result is a streamlined, professional website that you can be proud of.

What sort of things can you do with an upgraded WIX Premium website?

You can:

--Have your own e-commerce store online. Set taxes and shipping. Customize carts, product pages and accept every form of payment out there!

--Receive notifications when you make sales or get messages from clients.

--Add a blog, an app, a photo gallery, get subscribers, create events & sell tickets, AND SO MUCH MORE! Seriously, things you never even knew you needed.

--Manage your client contact info, send emails, marketing tools, offer coupons...the list goes on. I love trying new features or marketing tools. WIX Premium makes it simple to have a professional look and a powerful web presence.

If you are considering upgrading to WIX Premium I suggest you take the plunge. With all it's features and convenience you can't afford NOT to.

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