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'Angsty Eddie', Eddie Vedder Original Painting

In honor of Pearl Jam's "The Home Shows" played in Seattle last week I completed this (long overdue) piece of Eddie Vedder titled, "Angsty Eddie".

Angsty Eddie is a large piece, a 24x36" gallery wrapped canvas, with a black and white portrait of Eddie and a deep jade background. Eddie is singing fiercely while flipping the bird.

I first saw Pearl Jam in 1992 at Lollapalooza in Bremerton, Wa, along with Soundgarden, Red Hot Chili Peppers and other fierce 90s bands. I was also lucky enough to have caught PJ's second show at Safeco Field last weekend and let me tell you, Eddie Vedder remains one of the most genius, electric, passionate front men in the history of rock and roll.

At the time of this publishing this piece is available for acquisition. See my online store or contact me for more details.

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