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POSCA Paint Pens Review: Acrylic Paint Pens

I discovered POSCA paint pens a few months ago after learning about them from a fellow artist. They are available in assorted colors and widths, and they are imported from Japan.


I bought my UNI POSCA paint pen set (12 assorted colors, 1M Extra Fine Point) on Amazon where they cost me about $20. I've already used them multiple times and wonder how I ever got by without them.

I've found that I mostly use the white and black pens and while it is handy to have the other colors I rarely use them. The red is more of a poppy orange color, not a deep red like I had hoped. I really like the dark blue, which had a nice rich pigment. The yellow shows up really well on any color, even black, which is nice as well. The brown is more of a burnt orange color, and I wish it was more of a true dark brown because I would use it all the time if it was.

The pens I have are Extra Fine Point (1MM) and are DIVINE for fine detail. I am working on a farmer's market piece now that requires fine detail and my POSCA paint pens are perfect for what I need.

POSCA paint pens don't bleed, smear or smudge. You can apply varnish or other medium over and it will not bleed or streak.

I only use my paint pens on canvas, and sometimes wood, but you can also use them on plastic, paper, glass and even photographs.

I have found that when I use the POSCA pens on a medium/heavy tooth canvas the pen can"spray" tiny paint droplets when the tip clicks across the bumpy surface.

I store my pens flat and shake each pen well before use. Sometimes I have to press the tip on a test sheet before using, to get the ink flowing again.

POSCA paint pens are also available in other colors including gold, silver & pastels. They have large color sets and individual pens. They also have different widths available.

I will absolutely be ordering more POSCA pens in other widths and colors.



  • Excellent for fine/small detail

  • Does not smudge, dries quickly

  • Works with varnish, no streaking or bleeding (so important!!)

  • Affordable

  • Water-based paint

  • Sold in sets or singles

  • Wide variety of colors/widths


  • Tip can spray tiny paint droplets on rough/heavy canvas

  • Some colors not as rich as I would prefer

  • If working upright pens can dry out, so you need to shake often


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