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The Beatles Original Painting, "Yesterday".

I used to think I was a "Rolling Stones are better than The Beatles" kind of girl, but as I get older I wonder if I'm not more of a Beatles fan...?

As a little kid I spun my mom's old Beatles 45's on my tiny suitcase record player, with "I am the Walrus" being my chosen favorite. I've always respected them as a band, but it's not been until recently - in my mid fourties - that I'm really getting a thirst for The Beatles. The kind where you want to lock yourself in a room and play their albums for 3 or 4 hours straight. (I do that, you know. I just happen to have an easel and paint with me as well.)

During my many hours of painting this original piece, which is titled, "Yesterday," I really dug into the band and listen to albums I'd never heard cover-to-cover before. Good stuff.

This original acrylic painting of The Beatles is available for acquisition in my store. It's quite large at 36x36" and has a gallery profile. Nice and sturdy. A large, commanding piece that truly adds life to any room.

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