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Another Chris Cornell Original Painting

Yes, I had to paint Chris Cornell in colorful acrylics again. This one is titled, "No One Sings Like You Anymore."

(Today would have been Chris' 53rd birthday, by the way.

The last 24x36 painting I did of the Soundgarden front man sold very quickly and it wasn't on my living room wall nearly long enough. Which is a great problem to have for an artist, right? Not complaining that it sold by any means, but I loved the life and color the piece brought to my home. So I painted Chris again, and the second piece sold within 12 hours of me posting it online. Chris 2.0 lasted one night in my home. I will miss him as well.

So now the question begs, do I go for the Chris Cornell trifecta and paint him a third time?

I think yes.

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