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Uniquely Eerie Baby Doll Head Cement Planter

Embrace the macabre charm of our Creepy Baby Doll Head Cement Planter, a miniature delight for the unconventional gardener.

Standing at a pint-sized 3.5 inches tall, planter space measures 1.5 inches in depth and spans 2 inches across, offering a snug home for your tiny green companions.

Please note that this distinctive piece may showcase small imperfections, adding to its eerie character. The photos provided serve as a reference, reflecting the stock available.

This unsettling yet intriguing baby planter is best suited for housing small succulents, airplants, faux flora, and petite cacti. In fact, its versatility extends beyond gardening – it makes for an excellent trinket and jewelry holder.

Feel free to personalize your planter with paint, adding your unique touch to this curious conversation starter.

Creepy Baby Doll Head Planter

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