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Vic's Market, Snohomish - Painting on Wood

There's this small, quick-mart type market in my hometown that I painted on wood. I have lots of memories at this quaint space. As kids we would scrape up pennies and bring them here to buy penny candy. Vic's Market had lots to chose from. Candy cigarettes were always a popular choice as well.

Vic's Market Snohomish, 16x11" painting on wood by Carrie Milburn

As a teenager in the 80s I remember a group of us trying to get adults to buy us beer here (to no avail). Guys in high school filled their trunks with Schmidt beer that was bought from here. They sold Schmidt bumper stickers, too.

There was a very nice older lady who worked here for what I think must have been decades. She wore blue eyeshadow and was soft spoken. She was always a sweetheart to us kids.

I think everyone who grew up in my hometown has a story about this place. Good, bad, ugly, you name it.

Besides the nostalgia, I chose to paint Vic's because I love how basic it is, and now it's somewhat "retro". Small market stores like these are becoming a thing of the past as AM/PM's and 7-11's takeover the world.

At the time of this posting this piece is available for purchase in my online store.


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