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Sinead O'Connor Print

I was devastated to learn of Sinead O'Connor's passing recently. I've been a fan of hers since The Lion and the Cobra. I remember being in high school and listening to "Mandinka" and "I Want Your Hands On Me" repeatedly on my Walkman.

I always thought Sinead was so bold and daring, and I admired her fearlessness. She was a real beauty, too. Those EYES.

I can relate to Sinead on many levels but all I can say is that I feel she was a gentle, caring, talented, yet humble woman who led with her heart. She was never led by money or greed or fame. Her message was always the same; take care of our kids, for they are our future.

This print will be available in my online shop mid-August.

Rest in peace, Sinead.


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