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DIY Crow Costume with Feather Mohawk

Hey guys, this Halloween I made a fun DIY crow costume and thought I would share what I used to create this look. The feather mohawk was the star of the show. I watched a couple YouTube videos on how to construct one and used ideas from both. I'll link those videos here.

I also glammed it up with rhinestone jewelry, thick eye liner and long lashes!

Other accessories used: Fishnet stockings, punk rock socks, Doc Marten boots.

Use a nice, strong headband for your feather mohawk. One that will grip the hair, not a cheap $1 store one like I did. (Bobby pins to the rescue!)

This was a super fun costume and was reasonably comfortable considering I was covered in feathers. The skirt was easy to sit and walk in. The taped feathers on my forehead were SO much better than having a bunch of paint on my face. And they looked better too.

Have fun!


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