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Dan Lanning Oregon Ducks Skateboard

I'm a huge Oregon Ducks fan and my husband is a football alumni. UO football alum have an annual golf tournament the week of the spring game. I knew Dan Lanning was going to be at the event and as an Oregon Ducks fanatic and artist I knew what had to be done.

I'm a big fan of painting skateboards so I decided I'd make one just for Coach.

The top features The Duck, the middle the "O" (and of course I had to add "FEBU" in the middle, heh), and the bottom features Lanning smoking a stogie accompanied by his now famous line, "The Grass is Damn Green in Eugene."

When it came time to give it to him I was super nervous because honestly, I'm a total fangirl. :) But he was great. He definitely has that Southern charm. Always smiling, always energetic and enthusiastic. It's contagious.

Go Ducks!


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