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SLASH Guns N Roses Painting in Gouache

Guitarist Slash painting in gouache

I sketched out a drawing of Slash (Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver) as a study for a future acrylic/canvas painting, but later decided I should paint it too. Since the sketch was on watercolor paper I got out an old set of gouache paints and experimented! I think art is all about experimenting, so I do it a lot.

First, I sketched a full body drawing of Slash combining multiple source pics. I made his head larger than his body because I think it makes the painting more fun & interesting with the bizarre proportions.

I painted with gouache watercolors and forgot how much I love them. I have very limited experience with them but I really enjoy the simplicity of watercolor and gouache. I kept the painting pretty loose, and I literally painted it as fast as I possibly could. I used POSCA acrylic paint pens for small touchups at the end and I sprayed with fixative when I was done. Bam, done in one hour!

I made a time lapse of my painting - check it out:

I had a blast doing this speed painting of Slash, and I'll probably still paint him on canvas too.

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