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Tiki Planters Made From Cement - Seattle, Snohomish, PNW Yard Art

Easter Island/ Moai Style Cement Planters w drain

(UPDATE March 2017: These pieces have been discontinued indefinitely, so I may focus on painting this year. I apologize for the inconvenience.)

Every spring I make garden & yard art from a blend of Portland cement and peat moss (sometimes with perlite, too). The mixture is called "hypertufa". The peat moss (and perlite) lighten the weight of the cement slightly, and also "pits" the cement as it decays. This creates a really cool "aged" look for the cement.

In the wet Pacific Northwest months moss can be grown on it's surface, which can give the tiki planters a cool green hue. (You can encourage moss growth on them by adding plain yogurt, or beer, to your tiki planters during the rainy season. Also by placing the planters in a damp, dark area.)

Unlike resin garden art, my tiki planters will last many, many years, and can withstand any extreme temperatures here in the Pacific NW.

Atop the tiki planters is a planter area where you can plant succulents. There is a PVC drain that runs from the planter to the base of the statue for easy drainage.

Some people also like to skip the plants and prefer to place tiki torches down the PVC drains, for the ULTIMATE tiki torches!

  • ALL cement Moai planters are MADE TO ORDER and require a DEPOSIT to begin work (goes toward your balance).

  • The cement planters take approximately 10 days to hand sculpt, as they must be built in multiple thin layers, and then about 3-weeks to cure. (They are wrapped in plastic, and kept in a humid environment during the curing process). So expect about 4-weeks time from order date until completion date.

  • I make a VERY LIMITED number of these cement planters every year.

  • My cement planters are 32-33" tall and weigh approximately 80 lbs. These last a lifetime!

  • These fun pieces are truly unique, no one makes anything like them in the Pacific Northwest!

Tiki Planters



I'm sorry, but I do not ship these pieces. Local pickup only.

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