This listing is for one large moss ball.
Moss can grow on this in the wet months with a little effort.
Chia seed works, too!


Hand made with my lightweight cement blend also known as "hypertufa".
It's a blend of Portland cement, perlite and peat moss.
Over time the organic materials break down and cause cool divots and pits in the surface, making it appear "aged".


Orbs have flat bottoms so they don't roll.
Size is approx. 5" across and 4.5" tall (sizes vary slightly as these are handmade.)

This material is strong and can withstand extreme temperatures in any climate!


If you live in an area with a rainy season you can easily grow moss on these - just paint them with yogurt and place them in a dark, damp spot in the garden. In these conditions they will begin to grow moss over the fall/winter seasons.


Minimalist decor for your outdoor garden.

5" Moss Growing Garden Orb


     Carrie  Milburn  |  Original Artwork  |  Snohomish - Seattle Artist

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