Large 8" Cement Garden Sphere - Gold & Turquoise

STUNNING hypertufa cement garden sphere like no other.

First of all, it's big. It measures 8" across, which is about the size of a youth soccer ball.
Even though it's made from my special *lightweight* cement blend (known as hypertufa) it is still heavy at about 14-15lbs.

My hypertufa blend is made with portland cement, peat moss and perlite. As the organics break down "pitting" appears on the surface. You can already see some pitting in the photos. It adds character to the piece and makes it appear old and aged.

Imitation gold leaf has been used with "vintage teal" paint. Sealed with a clear coat of varnish.

I make these by first creating two sphere halves then bonding them together. A seam may be present. Hairline cracks may be spotted at the seam but they will not affect the quality of the piece. This is 100% hand crafted and unique!

These look incredible in ANY garden, on the lawn or in your outdoor living space.

Large 8" Cement Garden Sphere - Gold & Turquoise


     Carrie  Milburn  |  Original Artwork  |  Snohomish - Seattle Artist

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