This listing is for THREE Moss Balls

Moss can grow on these EASILY in the wet months!
These range from 4-1/4" to 4-1/2"

Hand made from my special blend of hypertufa (a lightweight cement blend) these spheres make cool garden decor. Some of the spheres are pitted but they won't break apart. This is just part of their charm.

These cement garden orbs have lots of character and each one was hand molded so they aren't perfectly round. They look great in any garden or in large flower pots.

They can withstand extreme temperatures - hot or cold!
If you live in a region with a rainy season (the Pacific Northwest for example), you might get moss to grow on these - moss loves to grow on this surface and its growth can be promoted by brushing a little yogurt on the spheres. (Do this during the rainy months and place spheres in a dark, wet area outdoors).

Hypertufa Cement Moss Balls, 4"


     Carrie  Milburn  |  Original Artwork  |  Snohomish - Seattle Artist

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