Flower Goddess Cement Planter

Cement face surrounded by flowers.
Completely hand made, ethereal face planter made from cement.


Flowers surround the face of the goddess making this piece striking to look at. This work of art is meant to invoke peace, calmness and presence. Looks beautiful in any outdoor living space or garden. 

Planter itself is made from hypertufa cement, a lightweight cement blend, which is a bit lighter than traditional cement.
It's made from portland cement, perlite and peat moss.
The organics break down over time causing "pitting". This pitting makes it appear aged. The face and flowers are made from straight portland cement so they won't pit.

No drain hole, so this works best with succulents, sedums, faux plants, small cacti and air plants. Get creative and have fun with this cool, hand made treasure!

Flower Goddess Cement Planter


     Carrie  Milburn  |  Original Artwork  |  Snohomish - Seattle Artist

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