Two Succulent Planters - Minimalist Square Cement Planters - Hypertufa Pots
(Planters only - no succulents)

Two handmade hypertufa succulent pots.
Both have a square shape and a small planter area on top, perfect for succulents.

Approx. Measurements:
One is 3.25" tall
One is 3.5" tall
Both are just under 4" wide

Hypertufa is a mix of organic materials and cement. The organics eventually decompose and your cement is left with cool divots and pits that make it appear "aged". Over time it will take on more unique characteristics.

These are made to last! They can withstand extreme temperatures from hot to freezing temperatures, so don't worry about them being exposed to elements.

Minimalist garden decor, very earthy and classically simple.

(2) Square Cement Succulent Planters, 4"


     Carrie  Milburn  |  Original Artwork  |  Snohomish - Seattle Artist

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