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Peruvian Alien Corpse Project

Unless you've been living under a rock you've heard about the Peruvian alien bodies that were displayed to Mexican Congress last week. (Reuters) The little bodies were allegedly mummified in the Peruvian salt mines. The tiny fossilized corpses had been frozen in time and were displayed in small, crepe-lined boxes to the world. Now, whether these are actual aliens or an elaborate hoax, you gotta admit, the whole thing is just kinda fascinating, albeit creepy.

(Photos: ©Carrie Milburn)

With October, fall and Halloween right around the corner, I decide a fun project would be to recreate one of these little extraterrestrials.

Using my special blend of hypertufa cement I made an "alien bust". Hypertufa cement is a lightweight cement blend, using portland cement, perlite and peat moss. It makes an interesting stone that appears to be very limestone-like. The organics in the cement eventually break down over time, which causes a pitting of the surface. This makes the piece appear as though it is old/ancient. Like an old relic. It's a really fun material to work with but it is a bit messy and labor intensive.

Once this piece is fully cured it will be in my online shop for purchase.

Happy fall!



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