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Twin Peaks Sign, Wood Painting

Being a Pacific Northwest native I am a huge fan of the cult TV series, Twin Peaks. I am pretty stoked about it returning to television later this year. I seriously need to get my husband caught up on all the episodes - AND the movie - before it airs.

My grandmother's home (now my cousin's) is located just to the left of the Twin Peaks house. It's located in Everett, WA. Another interesting tidbit is my hometown high school was the high school used during filming Twin Peaks. It was filmed the year after I graduated, so it's always cool to see it the way it once was. It has changed a lot since 1991.

Anyhow, this hand made mini pallet is made from cedar, and measures 14x14. Acrylic paint was used and a gloss sealer was applied to protect the painting. Sides/top/bottom of painting are painted gold. Self-leveling hangers on backside for easy hanging. This piece is currently available for purchase in my online store.

Are you excited for the return of Twin Peaks?

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